Symmetry: Designing a High Performance Organization

Design of an organization determines its delivery capability. Organizations evolve their structures and processes intuitively, in response to the market dynamics and internal/external pressures/opportunities. The result in most cases is a functional structure with vertical hierarchies. This type of structure gives rise to inefficiencies such as silos, lack of customer focus, inertia and process duplications etc.

Form follows function! Execution of your organization’s strategy is determined by the inherent efficiency of your organization’s design.By developing a Process Oriented and Customer Focused Organization, organizations of all types and sizes can become more efficient, improve delivery of their services/products, increase their customers’ satisfaction, and reduce inefficiencies in processes to affect overall costs of running an enterprise.

What organizations need is a process they can use every time they restructure and reorganize themselves which ensures that the organization’s long term interests are safeguarded and the short term gains are achieved in line with their customers’ expectations.

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